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Sound Work

What is a Guided Sound Experience / Sound Work?

There are different ways we listen and feel sound within our body. 

This application of therapeutic sound can be for:

  • deep relaxation, helping with insomnia, anxiety or to cue the parasympathetic nervous system, this can combine with restorative yoga shapes or whatever position is most comfortable for you. 

  • working through issues within the body, discomfort, energy centre balancing, this is usually done 1:1.

  •   bathing in sound waves, offered in a sequence for you to notice how different instruments resonate within you, sometimes this will integrate celebrating the elements, landscapes and can include guided imagery.  

Citrus Fruits
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"Life is all vibration, rhythm and tone."

Russill Paul

Interested in a Sound Work Session?

Reach out as currently there are no publicly scheduled Sound Work events.  I am doing private sessions for small groups or individuals in your home or in the studio.  Connect here

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Sound Work Instruments

                   I work with the following instruments/ sound tools:

  • Koshi & Zaphir chimes (earth, water, air and Sufi)

  • Auroville swinging chimes (Space - 6 bar)

  • Himalayan multi-metal bowls in A, B, C, D, E, F and G

  • Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls

(Celestite, Dead Sea Salt, Egyptian Blue, Platinum/ Ocean Gold & Violet)

  •  Clear Crystal bowls

  • Paiste Symphonic gong (28")

  • Grotto Sonora handheld gong (19")

  • Meinl Wind gong (16")

  • Remo Buffalo drum

  • Remo Ocean drum

  • B minor steel tongue drum

  • Svaraveena string instrument

  • Rain stick, dream seeds and other seed based shakers

  • Tuning forks for tuning around the body (Harmonic Spectrum, high and low C, A, B, D, E, F, G)

  • Crystal topped osteopathic tuning forks for on body massage (64 and 128 hz) 

Ru Sound Layout.jpg
Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound Work on the Body

Our sense of sound is the first sense formed in our body, developing in utero at about 3 months.

How we hear sound is through the tiny vibrating bones within the ear canal, where vibration is sensed.  Our bodies can feel vibration in many other areas when sound instruments such as multi-metal bowls or tuning forks are placed directly on the body.

This can be particularly therapeutic if there are issues with these areas or connected areas.

I also have opportunity to coordinate offerings with a licensed massage therapist.  Let me know if you want to try this combination of therapeutic sound and touch.

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