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What I have heard...

on sound work and nature nidra:

"You are so patient and intuitive with your instruments."

"This [sound bath] experience was a dream come true."

"Thank you again for an incredibly therapeutic sound bath last night. It was everything I needed (and more!)"

"It was such a beautiful experience and I felt really stabilized and calm afterwards. Had a deep sleep to prep me for a busy week."

"I won’t try to understand exactly what’s unfolding during the healing, but I know that I am benefiting immensely, and it’s exactly what I need at this point in my journey".

from forest therapy participants:

"At the end of the walk I felt at peace.  I felt joy as I noticed the pollinator move from flower to flower, as I watched the birds drink at the stream. My body felt open, aware,  connected and grounded.  I carried a feeling of lightness into the rest of my day. "  Lauren B.

"After about 20 minutes into our session I could sense a shift, and as we continued on, I experienced great comfort. I was thinking a lot less, I let go of time, and really became part of the forest as it became part of me." Marcia M.

"The walk is a rich opportunity to slow and experience the animate and interrelated awareness of the world within and around us. This feeling stayed with me throughout the day after the walk.  Ru's gentle voice and invitations facilitate a nurturing exploration."  Tania L.

"My forest therapy experience with Ru was wonderful. This was my first time doing forest bathing and her approach exceeded my expectations. Ru has a natural calming presence which makes you feel at ease and it complements her invitations to connect with what is around you. I definitely encourage anyone to reach out to Ru and try it for themselves."  Nadia F.

Photo credit: Ted Kaiser, Threshold Forest






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