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My journey to sharing with you...

In 1987, I started with hatha yoga and have been doing movement meditation ever since, learning Qi Gong, yoga nidra, the benefits of therapeutic sound and forest therapy along the way.  

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My Training

I am certified as a Forestry Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.  I am certified in both yoga nidra (The School of Transformational Sleep with Ally Boothroyd and Sheila Cullen Seven Seeds Yoga Nidra Training) and restorative yoga (Octopus Garden and Scott Davis, Awakened Spirit Yoga) as well as hatha and vinyasa yoga (IAM YOGA).  Working with sound tools is an intuitive journey for me and I have benefitted from several teachers, (including Charlie Gates, Natalie Brown) and a certification and Diploma 2 Workshop with the Sound Healing Academy. I am also a student of the School of Gong, with ethnomusicologist Mitch Nur, Musician and sound researcher Thomas Orr Anderson and Gong Technique specialist Mike Tamburo.  There are many ways these trainings layer and connect particularly around nervous system support.

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Continuous Learning

Studying Ayurveda Immersion with Tiffany Nicholson-Smith has taught me how Ayurveda and Tantra are rooted in a deep respect and awareness for the natural world, and our lived experience with it.  When there are issues these can be traced back to imbalances and usually resolved through balancing diet, lifestyle and daily self-care to find more ease and flow.  Currently I am learning from Shiva Rea and the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga community, where Ayurveda, nervous system balancing through movement meditation and sound as mantra are woven together in a very inclusive and intentional way.

Maple Cedar Serviceberry pour.jpg
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