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Photo credit: Ted Kaiser, Threshold Forest 

What is Nature's Alchemy and how can it help you?

Welcome to Nature's Alchemy.  I am Ru Henry, here to share with you practices that connect us with our senses and which 'turn on' our parasympathetic or healing / restorative nervous system.  Connecting to this part of our nervous system helps us find balance and flow amid the challenges of our busy daily life. I started on a journey for my own stress release and wellness and found these four key ways to reconnect with my body, senses and natural rhythms.  All four methods continually awe me, there is always more to explore.


My invitation to you:

Notice which of these sense based offerings speak to you most.  All offerings are specifically tailored to you as the client or a client group and consider the environment where they are offered.  It is my pleasure to be your guide and to share these valuable resources for connecting through your senses to the natural world.

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Connection with the natural world and your own ability to balance your nervous system is the key. What feels most balancing for you now, more activation or ease?

As your guide,  I  am here to open doors as you explore your own wellness journey.

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Forest Therapy, Guided Sound, Yoga Nidra and Movement Meditation


Forest Therapy Wellness Walks

These are guided walks with a series of optional invitations to explore the forest with all of your senses.  If you feel called to there is also opportunity to share what you experience. Slow down and notice life all around you.  Bathe in the plant compounds surrounding you and notice what might be different about forest air.

What in nature fills you with awe?  

We meet in natural parkland for a 2 - 2.5 hour walk.  The walk is a very gentle pace. We do not go far, and the terrain is selected to be traversed with ease.

We end our sessions with tea.  Find out more information here

Maple Cedar Serviceberry 2.heic

Guided Sound Experience

Your choice - this can be a therapeutic session to alleviate a health concern or a sound bath where you rest as a curated journey of sound waves wash over you.  The instruments are carefully selected for their effect on relaxing the nervous system and releasing any areas of tension or resistance.  Learn new ways for you to heal your self through sound.  Sessions are 45 - 90 minutes.  Arrangements for in-studio sessions or by special arrangement house visits.

More information is here.

Have you ever wondered what sound looks like?  This multi-metal bowl has about the same ratio of water as our bodies.  Look for the patterning and organizing that happens with just one tap.  You may want to view in expanded view for a closer look.

Scott Yoga Nidra_edited.jpg

 Nature Nidra - Nature Themed Deep Rest

No need to do anything or be anywhere else, this practice requires no experience or effort.  Connect to all your kosha layers, the body, breath and emotions.  These are guided journeys that are sequenced to leave you feeling refreshed and content.  These sessions are themed around nature connection. 1 hour long sessions include a bit of movement and breath-work to start.  These are in the studio by appointment or in the comfort of your home, via zoom, you choose your preference. 


Try a nature nidra here. This is recorded by Natures's Alchemy (previously called Sound Garden Yoga). Set yourself up a comfortable spot with blankets, an eye pillow and headphones first.

Movement Meditation - Yoga + Qi Gong

Yoga from the inside out.  Do you want to feel empowered? The focus here is on how energetic alignment feels in your body. 

Join an outdoor movement session, usually scheduled at sunrise or sunset.  Feel your energy as the wind and sun touch your skin. Align with the grounding forces of the earth as you move just the way you need to.  All you need is your yoga mat.  Sessions are 30-60 minutes and are themed around exploring the elements.  Weather permitting these will include a mini nidra session at the end.  Sessions are in the outdoor studio or in a suitable outdoor location.  Personal sessions can be arranged by appointment. This video below is a sunrise movement meditation celebrating the elements, earth, water and air.


Nature transforms - explore through your senses for an enriching experience. 

All classes by invitation or set up by appointment.  Reach out today.

The Nature's Alchemy studio is located in eastern Toronto, contained within Treaty 13 lands, and William's Treaty lands.  There is a long history of Indigenous use and stewardship of these lands by Anishnabek, Huron-Wendat and Haudenosaunee peoples that we call home to, and have the privledge of planting, nurturing and caring for now.  We welcome all who join with deep gratitude to all those who have stewarded the land before, and who will in the future.

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Retreats - Join sensory based wellness journeys in the most beautiful natural landscapes.   
Planning now for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024.
Look also for mini retreats in Toronto (1 day) or weekend retreats close by. Connect to show interest. 


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Nature's Alchemy

Toronto, ON, Canada

Thanks for connecting

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